Generalization of learned responses in the mormyrid electrosensory lobe

Dempsey C
Abbott LF
Sawtell NB


Internally Generated Predictions Enhance Neural and Behavioral Detection of Sensory Stimuli in an Electric Fish

Enikolopov AE
Abbott LF
Sawtell NB


A cerebellum-like circuit in the auditory system cancels responses to self-generated sounds

Singla S
Dempsey C
Warren R
Enikolopov A
Sawtell NB


The Timing Is Right for Cerebellar Learning.

Sawtell NB
Dempsey C

Neural Mechanisms for Predicting the Sensory Consequences of Behavior: Insights from Electrosensory Systems

Sawtell, Nathaniel

Responses of cerebellar Purkinje cells during fictive optomotor behavior in larval zebrafish

Scalise K, Shimizu T, Hibi M, Sawtell NB

A comparative approach to cerebellar function: insights from electrosensory systems

Warren R, Sawtell NB.



A role for mixed corollary discharge and proprioceptive signals in predicting the sensory consequences of movements

Requarth T, Kaifosh P, Sawtell NB

Sensory processing and corollary discharge effects in posterior caudal lobe Purkinje cells in a weakly electric mormyrid fish

Alviña K, Sawtell NB

Plastic corollary discharge predicts sensory consequences of movements in a cerebellum-like circuit

Requarth T, Sawtell NB

A temporal basis for predicting the sensory consequences of motor commands in an electric fish

Kennedy A, Wayne G, Kaifosh P, Alviña K, Abbott LF, Sawtell NB


Neural mechanisms for filtering self-generated sensory signals in cerebellum-like circuits

Requarth T, Sawtell NB


Multimodal integration in granule cells as a basis for associative plasticity and sensory prediction in a cerebellum-like circuit

Sawtell NB

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