Sense to Synapse 2018: the Biology of Sensory Transduction and Neural Processing 

The next Sense to Synapse will be held at Rockefeller University on May 12th, 2018. Key-note speakers will include Nathaniel Sawtell as well as Maria Neimark Geffen (University of Pennsylvania), Alipasha Vaziri (Rockefeller University), and Eve Marder (Brandeis University).


The Brain Science of Figure Skating: How Practice Makes Perfect

Watch the video featuring Rui Costa, DVM, PhD, and Nathaniel Sawtell, PhD, on the Zuckerman Institute website.


How the Brain Turns Down the Volume on Your Noisy Body

Read the Q&A with Nathaniel Sawtell, PhD, detailing how the neural mechanisms of the prediction and cancelation of self-generated sensory stimuli present in electric fish may also play a role in mammalian auditory processing.